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Bacillus cereus, secretly make you sick.

A bacteria look like cereus can make us vomit even the food is well-cooked
— Maintain the right temperature for your food!

There is a mysterious tough toxin that can survive at 126°C up to 90 minutes produced by a bacteria named Bacillus cereus. It might be surprising that there is something that high temperature cannot help at once. Bacillus cereus is a bacterium that looks like cereus, and most cases are caused by fried rice, so it is also named as “Fried Rice Syndrome”. But fried rice is already cooked at a high temperature! This act does not clear such bacteria in contaminated food.
Bacillus cereus can produce an emetic toxin that causes Gastrointestinal disease which makes us either suffer from diarrhea or vomit. Such tenacious bacteria can survive in food up to 60°C! Its toxin still could poison the food and make us suffer when the temperature is 126°C! It will only lose its toxic power after 90 minutes.

There are still ways to prevent infection of Bacillus Cereus

Prevention of suffering from Bacillus Cereus

    • Handwashing

Hygienic hands are always a good move for the prevention of infectious diseases. Here we shall wash our hands before we handle the food and before we eat. About the hand washing, you can refer to here.

    • Cooking at high temperature

Cooking food at high temperature is always good to kill most of the germs and disable the toxin.

    • Finish the food once you open

Finish your food when they are still fresh and warm and right after the cooking procedure in the best-tasting state.

    • Store as soon as possible when you are not going to eat anymore!

Put the food in the fridge or seal up the food when you are done with your meal but there are still some leftover food.

Eat delicious food smartly, protect your belly and stay healthy!

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