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Innovation Day 2022

Fruitful Innovation Day 2022 at CUHK!

Honoured to participate the Innovation Day 2022 ( 28 Oct 2022 )

A group photo of the winners at The 2nd Innovation Day cum Elevator Pitch Competition with representatives from CUHK. (Photo: ORKTS, CUHK)

MicroMag is honoured to be invited to participate in the Innovation Day 2022 cum Elevator Pitch Competition at CUHK on 28 October 2022. We are glad to seize the chance to exhibit our novel microrobotic diagnosis technology: QuickCAS –  a Fully Automated Diagnostic System using Novel Microrobotic Sensing Technology to HKSAR governors from Innovation, Technology & Industry, scholars, alumni from CUHK, and the public. 

Dr. Sun Dong 2

(From left) Mr. Charles Liu (CEO of MicroMag Healthcare Limited) and Professor Dong Sun (JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry) (Photo: ORKTS, CUHK)


Snapshot of MicroMag Healthcare Limited’ event booth on Innovation Day 2022

In the Elevator Pitch Competition, QuickCAS from MicroMag Healthcare Limited pitched by MicroMag’s CEO Mr. Charles Liu won the Most Innovative Technology Award. 


Mr. Charles Liu (CEO of MicroMag Healthcare Limited) 
(Photo: ORKTS, CUHK)

on stage Most innovative award

Results of the 2nd Innovation Day cum Elevator Pitch Competition
Most Innovative Technology Award:
MicroMag Healthcare Limited (Photo: ORKTS, CUHK)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) held the 2nd Innovation Day cum Elevator Pitch Competition on 28 October 2022, demonstrating the excellent research results that can come from industry-university research collaboration, and promoting the development of an innovation ecosystem on campus. This year, a range of innovative research projects from CUHK scholars were displayed at the exhibition, alongside a series of thematic talks. Teams also competed for awards in the inaugural Elevator Pitch Competition.

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